How to choose a watch according to gender?

Choosing the color of your watch can be done on several levels. It takes into account the dial, the strap and the case. The colors can be different and it depends on the individual concerned. From blue, black, steel or bronze this article informs you more about the colors that are needed for a man or a woman.

What type of color do you need for a men's watch?

White, blue or even black are the most common colors. It's difficult to offer you a choice that is consistent with your taste, but it must be said that the white dial is aesthetically pleasing and it is classic with this color. It fits all types of bracelets.
On the other hand, there are dials that have a dark color, which do not go well with the straps. Most watches have a steel coloured case in black but steel coloured ones are more common in shops and boutiques. It should be noted that it is the cases that give the watches an attractive and aesthetic shape. They can be worn on any occasion and make for a modern and decidedly sporty watch.

What type of color for a women's watch?

For women's watches, the classic dials are black, champagne or white. Similarly one finds watches with coloured dials such as green, blue depending on the model. These white dials can be easily adapted to your wardrobe and are ready to accompany you on all your outings. The cases of these watches are usually rose gold, gold and silver.
You don't have to worry about buying watches anymore. Whether you are a man or a woman, there are several models to choose from to keep your aesthetic and your elegance.