What to wear between spring and summer 2022

The year 2020 was a very special year for all mankind, marked by a pandemic that forced everyone to take exceptional safety measures. Meanwhile, designers have come up with some very interesting clothes that are already available in the summer of 2022. Let's take a closer look at these fashion garments.

Bombers will make the show this summer 2022

Fashion clothing designers in their great majority, have put a focus on the bomber, offering comfortable, relatively light clothing. Some combine the bomber with satin, to give the garments a slightly more elegant character.


As the name already suggests, this style of clothing is perfectly suited to the world of work. Indeed, in addition to being designed with light materials, this garment, a kind of jacket, consists of a number of openings that can collect several work tools. Generally uniform in colour, a workwear boom is expected this summer 2022 in France.

Suit lovers will not be on the sidelines of the trend this summer.

Summer means feeling good. Who says summer, inevitably says relaxed clothing style. Designers have taken this equation into account when designing suits, which has led to the release of effortless suits. These suits have nothing to do with the classic suits that inspire a much more formal atmosphere. Effortless suits are much lighter and borderline sloppy, which is what gives them their relaxed, cool, summery feel. In terms of suits, kimono jackets are making a comeback this summer in the Western markets, and in France in particular. All these garments will be the most fashionable this summer.